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Singer/composer Vanessa Liftig has lived with music since she was a very tiny person. Born in Stockholm, Sweden in 1984 with a Swedish flute- and piano teacher for a mother and an American jazz saxophone player for a father, Vanessa’s musical drive was nourished from the start by all the music played in her home. In addition to that, she also took classical violin and ballet.

   Between the age of 10-16, she attended the well renowned choir school of Brunnsbo, Gothenburg, through which she got to perform, both as a chorist and as a soloist, at a host of choir concerts including highlights like: The function of “Serving Choir” at the Pope’s audience in June of 2000 in the Vatican in Rome, Italy; A concert in St Paul’s Cathedral in London in 1997; Winning 2nd prize in the National concert for choirs in 1999.
   As a young solo singer, Vanessa was featured on a cd with children’s songs. Vanessa also gained exper ience on the opera stage: In 95-96 she had a solo singing part in the Benny Andersson/Björn Ulvaeus (former ABBA) musical “Kristina från Duvemåla” for two seasons. In 2000 she sang the part of one of the three boys in Mozart’s “The Magic Flute” at the Gothenburg Opera for one season. For one season she sang that same part with another company, touring the South of Sweden.
   As a music major in high school, Vanessa and two other singers started the group “B.L.E.S.S.” (Blue Eyed Soul Sisters) which won the National contest for young musicians “Musik Direkt” in 2003. The group “B.L.E.S.S.” have since then performed around Sweden, in Norway, Paris and Brussels.
   When she was 17, Vanessa put together a jazz band with established jazz musicians playing her own songs and compositions directed by her at the piano. The group performed at the venerable jazz club Nefertiti in Gothenburg, where Vanessa has since been involved with arranging club activities on a regular basis.
   After high school, Vanessa studied classical song and acting during one semester at the Gothenburg Opera Studio, before being accepted (as the only new student of over 100 merited applicants) into the highly prestigious Individual Program at the Gothenburg Conservatory, where she now studies composition and afro song.
   Vanessa is presently involved in several projects with other musicians. She is featured as a solo singer/text writer on Gothenburgian hip hop artist Embee’s new album with a song that has now reached the top of one of the Swedish hit lists. See and hear Vanessa in action here: In addition, she is working on an electronica production called Dreamsville with another singer/composer, the band is in the process of negotiating a record contract in London and will be releasing their first album next year. Vanessa will also soon release her first solo album of original songs arranged for different combinations of instruments: voice, guitar, piano, strings, bass, drums, and wind instruments on ELD RECORDS.
   Thus, Vanessa has been working professionally within a range of different genres, from jazz and classical to electronic dance music. Apart from her obvious musical talent, she possesses an extraordinary focus and tenacity, which has played a big part in her success story so far.