After studies in composing and developing his musical skills, Collan Staiger has given concerts frequently and played at festivals in Sweden. He has also performed on Swedish national TV.Collan's music is of its own kind. If you listen well you can find influences from Russian-, Gypsy- and French rhythms and tones. More obvious are the tones from cabaret-, folk- and country music. But there is also a very characteristic Swedish tone.

For those who know the Swedish language, his lyrics are colourful and you will hear songs written with a great sense for words. On his album ”Därför skall ni välja mig” (his second CD-production), he has support from musicians that also forms a fantastic live-band. It is Philip Staiger on drums, Fredrik Bengtsson on contrabass, Mats Grahn on the piano, accordion and guitar, Mattias Bäckman on violin and Ylva Wåhlstedt on viola.Collan's CD shows that he has a natural position in the modern singer/songwriter tradition.