Höst igen – its getting darker, colder, more gloomy but also more clear. At times. Leo Berger has succeeded to capture many levels by simple words. He has a strong presence in his expression, mixed with both perspective and exposure. Between the funny escapades in the every day life, you enjoy the warm and simple on-the-spot descriptions, that are easy to recognise oneself in.

It feels relieving with the tasteful simplicity he achieves by playing every instrument himself. A beautiful oasis to rest by, far away from today’s hyper produced music. And this in times when radio commercials has taken over the music in radio, and dance and looks has taken over the music on MTV, “reality shows”  has taken over TV and TV has taken over our spare time. Leo has observed all this with a self-ignited question in the back of his head: Where did everything go? The things that meant something to people? The things that were real and that were not based on being a celebrity for one day at any price? The things that were not just a show, glamour and glitter? These questions ended up as the CD “Höst igen”.

Leo Berger has, among other things, studied at Lunnevads Folkhögskola 1997-1999. After that he started his studies at Musikhögskolan in Gothenburg in 1999. In year 2000 he took a pause to study at Nordiska Folkhögskolan instead.  He has taken classes in song writing. Leo has given concerts in Gothenburg on various stages and also performed on festivals.