The group Corpo has existed since 1992 and has toured in Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Norway, Belgium, Holland, France, Germany, Luxembourg and South Africa. They have previously released four CDs.

Photo: Rolf Schöllkopf

Corpo writes a new chapter in their career by releasing a live CD recorded at the jazz club Nefertiti in Göteborg, Sweden. Their musical genre is jazz and improvisation combined with what gives significance to the Nordic sound, and Swedish folklore its tonality, supported by grooves with African and Asian elements. All of their music is based on original compositions by Mikael Godée.

Corpo regularly tours in Scandinavia and Europe, and besides the albums already released, the audience often asks for a CD with the music just performed by the band, simply a live recording of the music the listeners enjoyed just minutes earlier. Corpo uses the musical compositions as a base, and creates their music intuitively, which distinguishes the arrangements, the dynamics and the improvisations from one performance to another. The group would have to release one CD from every concert to be able to satisfy all of their listeners.

That’s why Corpo now chooses to release a record from a concert recorded by Sveriges Radio at the jazz club Nefertiti in Gothenburg, Sweden, to capture the unique concert feeling and to let the listeners experience the fantastic ensemble playing by the musicians and sense their total presence.

A concert with Corpo is a journey through an innovative landscape of sound, and with the inherent blend of Nordic tonalities and Swedish folklore, there are many moments of recognition that brings the thoughts to barren mountains and vast, open landscapes, infinite forests and red painted cottages. All "coloured" by some of the leading improvisation musicians in Sweden.

Mikael Godée: soprano saxophone, flute, voice
Chris Montgomery: drums
Ebba Westerberg: percussion
Lars-Erik Norrström: piano, keyboards
Thomas Markusson: bass