Små Blå is a duo from Göteborg, Sweden, consisting of Fredrik Nilsson (double bass/electric bass) and Petter Rosenlundh (soprano saxophone/clarinet). They formed the group in 2004 and released their first CD in 2005.

When their second album "Utkanter" was to be recorded at Studio Fabriken in Göteborg, Eld Records and Små Blå decided to co-operate. The CD was recorded in two days, and was finished in June 2007. The group invited other musicians to participate on the production; Louise Schultz (violin and vocals) and Johannes Rosenlundh (vocals).

Together with Små Blå's own compositions, a big part of the songs on the CD come from Swedish well-known hymns and folk music and other favourites. Små Blå lets the music speak. In their improvisations they seek new musical landscapes and look to find wider forms for their music.
There is a distinct Nordic sense in the music, which is restful and meditative, and at the same time unpredictable and surprising.