Fridens Liljer has a big repertoire. Innovative and reflecting, mostly consisting of material written by the members in the groups but there are also songs written by others. The singer, entertainer and poet Gunnar Källström is the leader of the band, and has written a great part of the songs, often inspired by Django Reinhardt, but also by Swedish troubadours as Evert Taube, Cornelis Vreeswijk, Nils Ferlin, Allan Edwall, Olle Adolphson, Povel Ramel and other composers, well known in Sweden.

Foto: Michael Thorén

Members of the band are:
Gunnar Källström, leader and lead singer. He also plays guitar.
Livet Nord plays violin.
Dan Viktor plays guitar, harmonica, sings and plays percussion.
Martin Olsson plays guitar.
Petter Ericsson plays double bass.
Johan Håkansson plays drums.
Markus Ahlberg plays trombone.
All of the band members sings backing vocals.

On "Krumsprång" following guest musicians participate: Camilla Åström: accordion, Daniel Wejdin: double bass, Martin Blomberg: drums and dobro, Jonathan Larsson: accordion, Martin Nurmi: flute, Peter Gran: guitar, Ola Henricsson: guitar, Love Tholin: electric guitar and Niklas Ohlson: backing vocals.

ER22 – Gunnar Källström & Fridens liljer “Prästens kråka”
With the last CD Krumsprång, Gunnar Källström and Fridens liljer took a great leap in the bare joy of existing. The existential questions being asked that time were mostly related to work, the everyday life, humanitarian values and of course love!

The idea for Prästens kråka (The priest’s crow) was delivered by mistake one autumn day. In lack of fantasy the name of the project ended up to be the name of one of the most well known Swedish dancing tunes. Both the priest and the crow take various ways and shapes through the album. Welcome to take part in this secularized wrestling game here and now.

Others performing on the CD beside Gunnar and all of the members of Fridens liljer, are Clas Engwall on double bass and also the guest musicians Jonathan Larsson, David Sperling Bolander, Martin Blomberg, Ingrid Andersson, Mattias Löfstedt & Karl Wassholm.