In the 60's, The Gilbert Holmström Quartet played freeform jazz, inspired by Cecil Taylor and Ornette Coleman. As the representative for Sweden at the world famous Montreaux Festival in 1967, the group wan second price in EBU´s international orchestral competition. In 1967, the quartet made a recording at Gröna Lund in Stockholm, then with Sven Hessle on double bass, who is a former member of the group. That recording is released on the CD "Live in Sweden 1967" (Gilmont Music 1996). Today, the group has taken a leap in to the 21st century, with the same open minded, expressive ground concept as back in the 60's, with new interpretations of original compositions. On their new CD GHQ invites the listener to an exciting excursion.

Gilbert Holmström (tenor saxophone) has a past in various constellations as Mount Everest, Mount Everest Trio, Gilbert Holmström kvintett and Isobop. He has released a number of LPs and CDs and has also played with musicians as Dexter Gordon, Sonny Stitt, Brian Trentham, Don Cherry, Archie Shepp and John Tchicai. Holmström composes and arranges the greater part of the group's music.

Pider Åvall (trombone) is as an avant-garde musician with roots in the traditional jazz music. He is somewhat of a European comparison to the American trombonist Roswell Rudd, who is well known for his collaboration with Archie Shepp.

Anders Söderling (drums) participated in Gilbert Holmström´s kvintett as early as in the 60´s. The group released the LP "Utan misstankar" on the label Megafon in 1965. Today, he plays in several locale free form groups. A couple of the groups he has a past in is Åke Johansson Trio and his own band Etwas Anders.

Kjell Jansson (double bass) is the new acquisition in the band, which otherwise consists of the original members Gilbert Holmström, Pider Åvall and Anders Söderling. Kjell Jansson is the leader of The Kjell Jansson Quartet and also the composer in that group. With this band he has recorded several successful CD-productions. He has also played in bands as Opposite Corner, Mount Everest and Åke Johansson Trio, a group that toured with James Moody and Chet Baker. The collaboration with Chet Baker is documented on the LP "Live in Sweden" (Dragon 1983).