Tells the true stories from the time when the big sailing ships sailed, the railways were built, and you could get five litres (ten pints/a quarter of gallon) of vodka for two chickens.

Photo: Anita Wirén Konstantis

Lucas Stark & Bruksorkestern perform unknown as well as very  familiar nordic chapbook songs and other older nordic songs. They mostly choose song from the 19th century, sailor´s songs, navy songs and songs about murder, love and historical events. Vivid stories where the lyrics and the storytelling ar given a big space, presented in musical arrangement that not always follow the given standard of how a chapbook song shall be performed, but with great respect for the original material. The varying musical arrangements exposes the lyrics and bring life to the stories.

The CD ”Skillingtryck och andra otidsenligheter”  (ER 11) was relased on February 12, 2007.

Photo: Michael Thorén

Lucas Stark – Vocals and guitar
Sven Appel – Double bass, backing vocals
Leo Berger – Electric organ, pump organ, accordion, backing vocals
Daniel Pettersson – Drums and backing vocals
Livet Nord – Violin and vocals

On three songs Lars Söderström performs on violin and backing vocals.

ER21 – Lucas Stark & Bruksorkestern - “Stolt igenom havets böljor”
The prized band from Göteborg ”Lucas Stark & Bruksorkestern” now release their second album ”Stolt igenom havets böljor”. This time the theme is chapbooks from the great days of sailing from the end of the 18th century to the beginning of the 20th century. Colorful stories and tales about the life at sea, love, storms, longing, shipwreck, violent death. Some of the songs have been searched for and found in different archives in Sweden, and have never been recorded before or played for many years. The arrangements ranges from traditional folklore music to more electrified performances where the influences from rock, country, folklore and other musical styles are blended to create the particular sound of the band. Among the tracks of the CD you find the true story of the wreck of the ship Austria, tales about the Swedish immigrants fantastic life in Chicago and not least the story about a fight including railroad workers and a priest, taking place in the dark harbor quarters.