ER24 - Mool "Stop Being Perfect"
With a strong presence in both lyrics and music Mool explores a landscape where sensuality, humour, seriousness, joy, pain and unrestrained fantasy meet. Jazz, folk music, rock and arabic music are only some of the musical ingredients.

ER23 - Qiyans krets & Oscar Fredriks Kammarkör
"Echoes of Qiyan
”ECHOES OF QIYAN” is the debut album of the group Qiyans krets, a double CD produced in collaboration with Oskar Fredriks kammarkör (The Oscar Fredrik Chamber Choir). “Echoes of Qiyan” is highlighting a little known female tradition that has influenced and also forms the bases of folk music and tunes in all of Europe. In old times Qiyan were female musicians/lyricists/dancers who entertained at the Muslim courts. The composers at that time had their music performed through Qiyan.
     The Sephardic (Spanish-Jewish) song tradition is also often presented by women. On the CD you hear the group´s own arrangements of Sephardic songs, performed by Oscar Fredriks kammarkör and Qiyans krets. Qiyans krets also give their personal interpretations of Arabic and Southern and Northern European music from the early Middle Ages and forward, with roots in the old, rich and multicultural Al-Andalusian culture.

ER22 - Gunnar Källström & Fridens liljer
"Prästens kråka"

With the last CD Krumsprång, Gunnar Källström and Fridens liljer took a great leap in the bare joy of existing. The existential questions being asked that time were mostly related to work, the everyday life, humanitarian values and of course love!
     The idea for Prästens kråka (The priest’s crow) was delivered by mistake one autumn day. In lack of fantasy the name of the project ended up to be the name of one of the most well known Swedish dancing tunes. Both the priest and the crow take various ways and shapes through the album. Welcome to take part in this secularized wrestling game here and now.
     Others performing on the CD beside Gunnar and all of the members of Fridens liljer, are Clas Engwall on double bass and also the guest musicians Jonathan Larsson, David Sperling Bolander, Martin Blomberg, Ingrid Andersson, Mattias Löfstedt & Karl Wassholm.
ER21 - Lucas Stark & Bruksorkestern
"Stolt igenom havets böljor

Lucas Stark & Bruksorkestern perform unknown as well as very familiar Nordic chapbook songs and other older Nordic songs. Vivid stories where the lyrics and the storytelling are given a big space in musical arrangements that not always follow the given standard of how a chapbook song ”should” be performed.
ER20 - Corpo "Swing"
Corpo's fifth CD (the first from Eld Records) is a live recording from Nefertiti, Gothenburg, Sweden. The concert that was recorded by Sveriges Radio confirms the unique sound of Corpo, as well as the dynamic ensemble and the personal compositions by Mikael Godée. Their music is a journey through an innovative landscape of sound, and with the inherent blend of Nordic tonalities and Swedish folklore, there are many moments of recognition that brings the thoughts to barren mountains and vast, open landscapes, infinite forests and red painted cottages. All "coloured" by some of the leading improvisation musicians in Sweden.
ER19 - Kjell Jansson Quartet
"Ad Lib on Nippon
– A Tribute to Duke Ellington"

Kjell Jansson Quartet has to date recorded six CDs with original music. This one, however is a tribute to Duke Ellington and is devoted solely to his music. The group has focused on some of his later music, seldom played nowadays, including a long composition, "Ad Lib On Nippon", which is here played as a suite and also serves as the name of the album. The group has also included some of Ellington’s finest and most well known classics. The fact that it is a quartet interpreting the music makes it exciting and different from the original. This CD was recorded "live" at the jazz club "Nefertiti" in Gothenburg on the 14th November 2008.
ER18 - Wow - "In the Vicinity of 317 East 32nd Street"
»In the Vicinity of 317 East 32nd Street« is the debut release from the group WOW. On this the bands first CD, the group enters into the area of music closely associated with Lennie Tristano and like minded players, in this case Warne Marsh and Ted Brown.
     Although the music is quite mainstream oriented it often exists in a flux somewhere between tradition and the avant-garde. This balance beam approach is due in large part to the tunes which these men wrote. Almost exclusively based on standards, Tristano’s, Marsh’s and Brown’s melodies push boundaries and take unexpected turns both melodically and rhythmically. And although this music was mostly written in the late 40’s and early 50’s, it strongly points to the direction an entire school of jazz music would progress to later on, more specifically the free jazz movement of the 1960’s.
ER15 - Gilbert Holmström Quartet
"The Mandelbrot Set"
Jazz groups that split up, rarely reunite. Still, after 40 years, the Gilbert Holmström Quartet was reunited to record new versions of a number of original songs from the 60's. Today´s group consists of the original members Gilbert Holmström on tenor saxophone, Pider Åvall on trombone, Anders Söderling on drums and the new acquisition Kjell Jansson on double bass. The musical experience shared by the musicians, is a source that creates new musical angles of approach, and a rhythmic perspective, flowing with bold and playful improvisations. In this music full of rhythmic energy and melodious fantasy, the GHQ moves the outer limits of the universe of jazz.
ER14 – Kjell Jansson "Crossover"
This year, the Kjell Jansson Quartet celebrates its tenth anniversary. Kjell highlights this by releasing his sixth CD, on which he widens and seasons the jazz idiom by incorporating classical musicians (including players from the Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra) and Annika Skoglund's voice. Still, it is the quartet which is at the heart of this production. The musical blend becomes "Crossover" – complex compositions coupled with improvisations and other surprising musical excursions.
ER13 – Gunnar Källström & Fridens Liljer

This is Gunnar Källström and Fridens Liljer's third wonderfully, energetic production. The group mixes the best from the Swedish singer-song-writing tradition with fragments of The Quintet of the Hot club of France (Quintette du Hot Club de France) and American country side music. With this as inspiration, they now present their CD "Krumsprång".
ER12 – Små Blå "Utkanter"
Små Blå lets the music speak in their improvisations over well-known Swedish hymns and folk music, as well as in their own compositions and other favourite tuners. They seek for new musical landscapes, and look to find wider forms for their music. There is a distinct Nordic sense in the music. It is both soothing and meditative, and at the same time unpredictable and surprising.
ER11 – Lucas Stark & Bruksorkestern
"Skillingtryck och andra otidsenligheter"

Lucas Stark & Bruksorkestern  perform unknown as well as very familiar Nordic chapbook songs and other older Nordic songs. Vivid stories where the lyrics and the storytelling are given a big space in musical arrangements that not always follow the given standard of how a chapbook song ”shall” be performed.
ER10 - Bastukvintetten "Eldar i drömmen"
Bastukvintetten debut album with songs of the Russian troubadour/singer- songwriter,poet and actor Vladimir Vysotskij (1938-1980). For the first time in a very long period, a CD with new translations/interpretations to Swedish is released.
ER9 - Leo Berger "Höst igen" (Autumn again)
Höst igen – its getting darker, colder, more gloomy but also more clear. At times. Leo Berger has succeeded to capture many levels by simple words. He has a strong presence in his expression, mixed with both perspective and exposure. Between the funny escapades in the every day life, you enjoy the warm and simple on-the-spot descriptions, that are easy to recognise oneself in.
ER8 - Leif 'Pedda' Pedersen & Mats Lindberg
"Supa klockan över tolv"
Carl Michael Bellmans music lives and is constantly discovered again. Since many years, Bellmans songs has vibrated on Mats Lindbergs cello strings and on Leif Pedersens guitar and vocal cords. They both find it important to keep the tradition of Bellman alive. You can imagine that this was how Bellmans songs were played and heard on some of the 700 pubs in Gamla Stan (Old Town)
in Stockholm, in the 18th century. Cheers!
ER7 - Collan "Därför skall ni välja mig"
Collan Staiger's second CD is a musically varied album, with roots in the Swedish singer/songwriter tradition, but also influenced from cabaret-, folk- and country music. His colourful lyrics captures and moves, has a flow and it's easy to get carried away by it.
ER6 - Chaos Butterfly+Biggi Vinkeloe
In March the 21st 2005 Chaos Butterfly and Biggi Vinkeloe played together for the first time. This concert that was held at Studio Fabriken in Gothenburg, was recorded and is now released on CD. It was a first musical meeting, but during this ”Real Time Composing” momen it sounded as, and felt as if the musicians had played together for years.
ER5 - :nu "Green Fingers"
:nu from Sweden represents the new flow of young jazz musicians who give care to influences and experiences from different musical worlds. Fabian Kallerdahl, keyboards;  Josef Kallerdahl, bass; Nils Berg, saxophone, synthesiser, sampler and bass clarinet;  and Johan Björklund, drums, both integrate and turn the conceptions in the jazz world upside-down. The group formed in 1999 and they have toured frequently. Now they release their debut-CD, beautiful and melodic but also wild and odd.
ER4 - Vanessa Liftig "When Will is Silent"
Vanessa Liftig has been seen and heard singing on,
among other places, the popular Swedish hiphop artist
Embee's music video, "Not Tonite", which is presently in
heavy rotation on the Swedish Z-TV music channel.
   A multi-talented singer-songwriter artist, Vanessa also
moves freely between different musical styles as she
writes string arrangements for others and composes electronica music.
   Here is Vanessa's debut CD, a singer/songwriter-album contanining music close to her heart. The lyrics have a magical story-telling charm and all of the tracks have her unmistakeable,  personal touch.

ER3 - Jazz & Art
Jazz and Art is a quartet which often combines painting and poetry at their musical gigs-- hence the name. Their individual improvisational abilities, a sensitive and dynamic group interplay, the joy of playing, and melodic beauty are all forged together while they maintain the essential "elements of swing".

ER2 - Robinson Ellis Vinkeloe "Blue Rêve"
The trio plays spontaneous compositions, the music evolving from a rhythmic motif, a melodic line, a harmony. Robinson's and Ellis' partnership goes way back, together they have made some 20 recordings and performed at many concerts throughout Europe and America. Biggi Vinkeloe is one of the very few female international sax players today.
ER1 - Claes Pihl "Hopptorn"
Like the previous record, the new one is musically varied. The character of the songs have dictated the choice of musicians.  For the rockier material, guitarist Martin Gabriel, and for the song Ryssland (Russia), members from Bastukvintetten, known for their interpretations of Vladimir Vysotskij. The instrumental song ”Snabbgas” is an unexpected but fruitful encounter between one of Sweden's internationally most noticed guitarists, Mattias IA Eklundh from Freak Kitchen, and jazz saxophonist Gilbert Holmström. Ola Magnell is featured on two of the tracks. Claes' Swedish lyrics are chock full of imagery  and weave witty rhymes and plays-on-words together with story telling. Musically, his songs are a mix of genres such as rock, folk, jazz and country music.